What to expect:

In a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment, you will discuss your issues, concerns, challenges, and goals. You will also discuss your interests, activities, and supports so as to be able to incorporate your strengths into your treatment plan. You and your therapist will work collaboratively to help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to ask your therapist any questions you have about treatment and the process of therapy.

For parents of adolescent clients, it is requested the parents agree to provide their child(ren) the same level of confidentiality as they would be entitled to as adults. Legally, parent(s) are allowed to know everything that is said in therapy but, for effective therapy to occur, it is important that adolescents feel free to honestly disclose and discuss issues that are bothering or concerning them.

For divorced parents, it is necessary to have both parents agree to the child’s participation in therapy and sign the appropriate consent forms in the client portal.

Please contact Evolved Psychotherapy and provide your email, phone number, and a brief description of what you are seeking help for. You will then be sent a link to complete necessary paperwork. Please feel free to call with any questions or to receive a brief phone consultation.

For established clients, click Here to access your client portal.